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I love street photography..started shooting  street photography back in Brooklyn, NY as the High School Photographer.  I didn’t go anywhere without my camera and always went into the city every chance I had which was usually at least a few times a week.  My camera back then was a fully manual Ricoh with a fixed 50mm lens.  My dad was always into photography..and maybe that’s partly what interested me about it.  The other part was just an interest in people.  I was known in High School as the girl with the camera.

Recently had the chance to go back to NYC mainly on the Upper East Side, even though I prefer shooting further south because of the Urban feel to the area which I like.  I didn’t do much shooting on this trip but a few photos that I would like to share.

I shoot street photography different from when I shot it back in the High School Days..Now I use a zoom lens not a fixed lens and still do a lot of walking around till something catches my eye but I also find a spot and stay there.  That spot sets the stage, it is a fixed spot and I let the subjects come onto the stage like a performance and when something interests me I shoot it.  Architecture also interests me especially in New York City..You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions as well as an interest in taking lessons with me on street photography or purchasing prints.

I also have a street photography group on flickr and you are welcome to join and post photos.

Central Park

Chrysler Building

Central Park

The Pigeon Feeder















Who said you have to be in New York or Los Angeles to be a celebrity photographer?


Most of the events I have shot in Florida have been celebrity related and I have been fortunate enough to have met some great people along the way.

I shot a private Red Carpet Premiere event last week for a new movie Genus On Hold in Florida and Hollywood came down to Fort Lauderdale to be part of it.  I met some well known producers to include Barbara De Fina – who produced The GoodFellas and was married to Martin Scorsese.   We spoke about her prior filming in Fort Lauderdale and one interesting conversation we had was regarding her downtime filming.  She would take a 20 minute break and head out to the beach in between filming to chill.  We also spoke about the little Motels along the beach and how South Florida did a 360 in the last 15 years in building.

I met another well known producer, actually a music Grammy Award producer and a fellow New Yorker like myself, Jack Douglas.   Jack worked with Robert Kennedy on his senatorial campaign as a song writer.  Jack, known for his work with John Lennon on his Imagine Album, still works very closely with Yoko Ono.  Jack has worked with all the big rock bands and especially Aerosmith.  He is an Icon in the music industry and a very down to earth guy who I consider a friend.

I got to meet some other producers, directors and well known actors as well.  But it was really the chemistry of everyone combined that truly made it a special one of a kind evening. 

Frank Vincent, Louis Vanaria, Edward Lynch

Grammy Music Producer Jack Douglas, The Band - The Kin

William Forsythe

Music Producer Jack Douglas, Edward Lynch, Mike Starr

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