Before and After

Old School Post Processing


I thought I would do a comparison of two not retouched and the other retouched from a prior event.  I could even work on the image more but just wanted to really show you a comparison of the two.  I was shooting an event with different rooms set up and saw an interesting shot..went over and shot it.  I new their would be a challenge because of the lights and excessive shine on the womans face.  Which was easy for me to spot.  Knowing your lighting and how it bounces off a subject is very important.

I edit old school, no plugins, no special software other than photoshop.  I don’t use Lightroom other than for batch editing which I like it for and adding metadata to my images.  Not using a Wacom tablet either so here are the two versions of the before and after.  If it was a shoot I was setting up prior this woman would not have the shine and would have saved me quite a bit of work so make sure you bring plenty of blotting paper which you could buy at a local cosmetic store and carry  a compact with you.

I do editing work on the side for clients if you could use that kind of assistance in your jobs feel free to contact me.