Capturing Special Moments


My training as a photojournalist has trained me to capture moments that are natural and not staged.  The photo below was not staged.  It was just a special moment between a couple that was not interrupted by my presence.  Those are the photos I usually like to capture.  Those are also the most memorable moments shared for many years down the road that will mean more to a client.

If you are a parent, you could relate..How many times have you taken out your camera, because there was something special that caught your eye about your child at that moment.  I’m sure you have looked at that photo many times, which I bet you have framed somewhere.

If your looking for a photographer to capture those special moments for your occasion then please  contact me.  I will be happy to accommodate you for your next event.


When Shite Hits The Fan


As a photographer you have to be prepared for the unexpected and be able to react quickly and calmly.  Using your experience will get you through the most difficult or uncomfortable situations.  The image attached looks fine and it was shot fine but what happened right before this image was shot was not.

I always have two cameras on me, meaning one on each shoulder, shooting events with two separate lenses.  I shot this image on a full frame camera with a 24-70 lens.  Right before this image was shot I got an ERR message on my camera.  Without hesitation I took off the lens and put it back on.  Sometimes you do get that message when you first put  on a lens and the contacts might not be right.  But I was shooting with the same lens for at least an hour and that should not happen.   Luckily  that solved the problem in time.

While I put back on the lens, I was thinking ahead and said to myself if this doesn’t work I would immediately switch the lens to my other camera.  Be prepared for the unexpected and make sure also at that crucial moment you have enough room on your flash card to shoot away at that moment or else switch to a full card.  Last thing you want is to run out of storage on a card at a crucial moment.

When hiring a photographer to cover your event. Your choice should not just be about price or a few pretty photos in an album, it should be about experience and being able to rely on a professional to capture those key and special moments.