Brad Whitford – Aerosmith Practicing In The Studio


Live Nation and Nikon Photo Contest


Out of over 300 photographers that entered the Nikon-Live Nation concert competition this photo of Joe Perry, was the photo chosen as the most creative & artistic shot.  I was very excited to hear the news. Little if not no stage lighting was used in the shot.  Concert was shot outside during the day.

I haven’t entered any photography competitions in several years but when I heard about this one, I figured I had nothing to lose.  I submitted the photo a couple of months ago and when I was notified by Live Nation regarding the picture I was so happy.  I will be submitting some prints of the image and other good things involved as well.

A big thanks to everyone that voted for my image!

Joe Perry

In Between The Notes


I have always loved going to concerts ever since I was young..I have taken lessons playing a variety of different instruments..But I would not call myself a musician but music is in my blood. I can’t really say there is not a type of music I actually dislike.  What it comes down to is the actual artist and an appreciation for their music.

As a photographer I love being around musicians, photographing them in their environment and in performance.  Capturing them playing and especially in between the notes.  What I mean by that is well as the silence..When they are in a zone..You as the audience experiencing the performance from my photography as if you were there with them.  That is my style of shooting.  Below are some photos of one of my favorite musicians and his band Joe Bonamassa.  If you know my work you have probably seen many photos I have posted of him and his band.

I’m available for photo shoots and touring if you might be looking for a reliable, qualified and passionate music photographer.

Joe Bonamassa, Tal Bergman, Carmine Rojas

Joe Bonamassa

Rick Melick, Joe Bonamassa, Tal Bergman, Carmine Rojas


One Of My Wild Concert Shots – Joe Perry Looking Through His Guitar


Joe Perry One Of The Best Guitarists Of All Time.  Performing with his Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar.  Guitarist of Aerosmith.