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Brad Whitford – Aerosmith Practicing In The Studio


Organizing Model Releases


It’s always good to carry a model release whenever you take your camera out for the day.  You never know when it may come in handy.  This post is not about how I write up a model release, that is why the specific release below is blurred out.  It’s about organizing your releases.

With modern technology, there are other options to carrying a release with you and using as well as organizing them; for example there is an application on the iPhone, which works very well.  But if you want to create your own release and I like the hard copy form, there are other options to using and organizing them.  The steps below work well for me and so I’m sharing this information with you.

In the past I had a lot of releases filled out by models, from many shoots but my system for organizing them wasn’t the best.

My system for organizing releases: Second step – I will go back but first I want to mention, I scan all the signed releases right into my computer as a PDF and save them in a folder  on my hard drive, named model releases.  Prior to scanning the signed releases, at the event and after the shoot, I take a snap shot of the model and in photoshop, I attach a small photo of the model to his or her signed release and add all the necessary information.  I also add the image number from the camera.

Organizing Releases – Releases stored in External Hard drive. Organized by Folder under the year, drop down, folder for photography, drop down folder for the month, folder for event name and inside the event folder I add a folder for the releases.

Ex: 2012-photography-August-Rodeo-releases.  There are other ways to do this but this is my system.  I also back this up to a second hard drive.

I am happy to share information and I hope this post helps you.

Yesterday photographing a specialized event, I completed the event with 20 model releases signed. It might be a little time comsuming to organize them with the picture, attaching the image and filing them but its worth it.  For any questions about model releases you have the option to contact me at info@micheleeve.com, post on this blog or join me on my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Micheleevephoto


Canvass Kick Off with U.S. Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz – For President Obama


Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Eva Longoria And Her Little Paparazzi


Actress Eva Longoria, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Participate in OFA-Florida’s Women’s Summit in Miami

Live Nation and Nikon Photo Contest


Out of over 300 photographers that entered the Nikon-Live Nation concert competition this photo of Joe Perry, was the photo chosen as the most creative & artistic shot.  I was very excited to hear the news. Little if not no stage lighting was used in the shot.  Concert was shot outside during the day.

I haven’t entered any photography competitions in several years but when I heard about this one, I figured I had nothing to lose.  I submitted the photo a couple of months ago and when I was notified by Live Nation regarding the picture I was so happy.  I will be submitting some prints of the image and other good things involved as well.

A big thanks to everyone that voted for my image!

Joe Perry

A Special Moment With The President


President Obama

B Roll In Photography Comes In Handy and Customer Is Always Right


Customer Is Always Right – B-roll In Photography Comes In Handy

You heard the term “Customer Is Always Right”, but that does not mean as a photographer you are not taking control of the shoot.

One of the reasons a customer will hire you do the shoot in the first place is because of your creativity, experience, and reliability and to get the job well done. Pricing being a factor too.

Recently I had a conversation with several photographers who asked for my advice and that is why I am writing this blog post.  The photographers were tentative with their customers.  I gave them some suggestions so hopefully it will help them grow their business.  They had visions what they wanted to do but the client kind of took control of the situation.  Kind of like riding a horse, hate to make that example but you can’t show a horse you are nervous, you need to take control of the reins or you might flop.

That’s when my B-Roll comment comes into play.  B -Roll used in video is my example used in photography.  You could Wikipedia where the term originated but in simple terms it is used as fill in footage in a supportive roll and the A-Roll containing the main or interviewing tape.

I bring this up as an example in shooting photography for a client.  Whether it is an event or a commercial shoot.  The client might want a shoot a certain way and you should try it that way, even though you might think it will look better to you composing and shooting a different way.

As a diplomatic way of showing to your client a different idea for the shoot, you could suggest to them after shooting it their way, how about we try it this way.   They’re way being the possible A-Roll and your way being the B-Roll.  Chances are your style will be used as the A-Roll because not only will you get the shot you want, being the creative, smart photographer you are, but you will also be happier doing so.  Most photographers need to have a sense of freedom to do their best work.  Happiness and feeling comfortable on a job, makes for better and more productive work.

Another example is at an event.  The client might be very specific on the shots you need to get, which I would call the A-Roll.   An example is a Red Carpet and some non-candid shots of some high profile clients.  The A-Roll.    You know a group shot, smile and say cheese, kind of shots.  The B-Roll would be adding your own extra flair into the shoot.  Fill in some photojournalistic shots.  Move around the room, try different lenses and incorporate that into the shoot.  I guarantee the client will be very happy and will probably hire you again as long as you get the shots they specifically ask you for and those B-Roll shots will blend in very nicely for the overall event shoot.

I have been fortunate to have some very high profile clients in the music industry and in the cosmetic industry among other high profile clients and they know I will listen to their needs and get the job done specifically how they want but will wow them with some extra special footage.  The “B-Roll part, adding in my my creative ideas plus candid shots that they will most probably use and really enjoy and recommend me to other clients.

For further info you could contact me at info@micheleeve.com.  I also have a large variety of prints I am selling and if interested in purchasing one of my signed prints using the highest quality papers and printers, please contact me and I could go over that in more detail.  Thank you.

Street Photography


I love street photography..started shooting  street photography back in Brooklyn, NY as the High School Photographer.  I didn’t go anywhere without my camera and always went into the city every chance I had which was usually at least a few times a week.  My camera back then was a fully manual Ricoh with a fixed 50mm lens.  My dad was always into photography..and maybe that’s partly what interested me about it.  The other part was just an interest in people.  I was known in High School as the girl with the camera.

Recently had the chance to go back to NYC mainly on the Upper East Side, even though I prefer shooting further south because of the Urban feel to the area which I like.  I didn’t do much shooting on this trip but a few photos that I would like to share.

I shoot street photography different from when I shot it back in the High School Days..Now I use a zoom lens not a fixed lens and still do a lot of walking around till something catches my eye but I also find a spot and stay there.  That spot sets the stage, it is a fixed spot and I let the subjects come onto the stage like a performance and when something interests me I shoot it.  Architecture also interests me especially in New York City..You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions as well as an interest in taking lessons with me on street photography or purchasing prints.

I also have a street photography group on flickr and you are welcome to join and post photos.

Central Park

Chrysler Building

Central Park

The Pigeon Feeder















In Between The Notes


I have always loved going to concerts ever since I was young..I have taken lessons playing a variety of different instruments..But I would not call myself a musician but music is in my blood. I can’t really say there is not a type of music I actually dislike.  What it comes down to is the actual artist and an appreciation for their music.

As a photographer I love being around musicians, photographing them in their environment and in performance.  Capturing them playing and especially in between the notes.  What I mean by that is emotion..as well as the silence..When they are in a zone..You as the audience experiencing the performance from my photography as if you were there with them.  That is my style of shooting.  Below are some photos of one of my favorite musicians and his band Joe Bonamassa.  If you know my work you have probably seen many photos I have posted of him and his band.

I’m available for photo shoots and touring if you might be looking for a reliable, qualified and passionate music photographer.

Joe Bonamassa, Tal Bergman, Carmine Rojas

Joe Bonamassa

Rick Melick, Joe Bonamassa, Tal Bergman, Carmine Rojas


Old School Post Processing


I thought I would do a comparison of two photos..one not retouched and the other retouched from a prior event.  I could even work on the image more but just wanted to really show you a comparison of the two.  I was shooting an event with different rooms set up and saw an interesting shot..went over and shot it.  I new their would be a challenge because of the lights and excessive shine on the womans face.  Which was easy for me to spot.  Knowing your lighting and how it bounces off a subject is very important.

I edit old school, no plugins, no special software other than photoshop.  I don’t use Lightroom other than for batch editing which I like it for and adding metadata to my images.  Not using a Wacom tablet either so here are the two versions of the before and after.  If it was a shoot I was setting up prior this woman would not have the shine and would have saved me quite a bit of work so make sure you bring plenty of blotting paper which you could buy at a local cosmetic store and carry  a compact with you.

I do editing work on the side for clients if you could use that kind of assistance in your jobs feel free to contact me.