At her core, Michele Eve is an artist.   She had an opportunity to pick up a camera in high school and became the high school photographer after a teacher noticed her talent.  Starting out in black and white photography she also studied drawing and painting at schools in New York City and fell in love with the creative process of both photography and painting.   Michele Eve’s creative process grew and she went on and studied culinary arts working and growing in the field for many years.

While excelling in the field of culinary arts as a chef in New York City, the camera was always still much in the picture.  Photography became a natural extension of her passion for the arts.  In a small amount of time, she earned the respect of other photographers and artists both in New York and after moving to Florida in 1995 the passion of photography turned into a full time profession.

While working with local publications Michele Eve had the opportunity to strengthen a variety of areas in the photography field and enjoying all the different and diverse coverage.  Michele Eve’s work is mainly editorial, entertainment and celebrity based.  She has worked for many publications and worked with some of the top agencies and celebrities in the industry.  Agencies she has worked with include Getty, Corbis and AP.  Her work has been published nationally as well as internationally.  Some of the publications her work has been published in include Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast,ESPN, People, US Weekly, Palm Beach Post, TV Guide, NY Post and more.  She has also worked with several Grammy Award Artists and cosmetic industry giants.    She also actively takes on work in the private sector covering all types of events as well as doing family portraits.  She welcomes the opportunity to work all different clients.

Michele Eve has worked with several collectors interested in buying her signed prints which are printed on the highest quality papers using top of the line printers.  If you have any questions or would like to hire Michele Eve for any upcoming work as well as interested in purchasing prints you could contact her at info@micheleeve.com.