B Roll In Photography Comes In Handy and Customer Is Always Right


Customer Is Always Right – B-roll In Photography Comes In Handy

You heard the term “Customer Is Always Right”, but that does not mean as a photographer you are not taking control of the shoot.

One of the reasons a customer will hire you do the shoot in the first place is because of your creativity, experience, and reliability and to get the job well done. Pricing being a factor too.

Recently I had a conversation with several photographers who asked for my advice and that is why I am writing this blog post.  The photographers were tentative with their customers.  I gave them some suggestions so hopefully it will help them grow their business.  They had visions what they wanted to do but the client kind of took control of the situation.  Kind of like riding a horse, hate to make that example but you can’t show a horse you are nervous, you need to take control of the reins or you might flop.

That’s when my B-Roll comment comes into play.  B -Roll used in video is my example used in photography.  You could Wikipedia where the term originated but in simple terms it is used as fill in footage in a supportive roll and the A-Roll containing the main or interviewing tape.

I bring this up as an example in shooting photography for a client.  Whether it is an event or a commercial shoot.  The client might want a shoot a certain way and you should try it that way, even though you might think it will look better to you composing and shooting a different way.

As a diplomatic way of showing to your client a different idea for the shoot, you could suggest to them after shooting it their way, how about we try it this way.   They’re way being the possible A-Roll and your way being the B-Roll.  Chances are your style will be used as the A-Roll because not only will you get the shot you want, being the creative, smart photographer you are, but you will also be happier doing so.  Most photographers need to have a sense of freedom to do their best work.  Happiness and feeling comfortable on a job, makes for better and more productive work.

Another example is at an event.  The client might be very specific on the shots you need to get, which I would call the A-Roll.   An example is a Red Carpet and some non-candid shots of some high profile clients.  The A-Roll.    You know a group shot, smile and say cheese, kind of shots.  The B-Roll would be adding your own extra flair into the shoot.  Fill in some photojournalistic shots.  Move around the room, try different lenses and incorporate that into the shoot.  I guarantee the client will be very happy and will probably hire you again as long as you get the shots they specifically ask you for and those B-Roll shots will blend in very nicely for the overall event shoot.

I have been fortunate to have some very high profile clients in the music industry and in the cosmetic industry among other high profile clients and they know I will listen to their needs and get the job done specifically how they want but will wow them with some extra special footage.  The “B-Roll part, adding in my my creative ideas plus candid shots that they will most probably use and really enjoy and recommend me to other clients.

For further info you could contact me at info@micheleeve.com.  I also have a large variety of prints I am selling and if interested in purchasing one of my signed prints using the highest quality papers and printers, please contact me and I could go over that in more detail.  Thank you.

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